How to: Make Candles Burn Longer


I am addicted to candles. I can’t get enough of them and I usually have one burning every day. Today I thought I’d share some tips on how to make sure candles burn as long as possible without any wax going to waste. Trim Wicks Snipping the wick is one of the most effective ways […]

Sarah Wilson’s comments have enraged me


Normally I don’t use my blog for serious opinion pieces, but this one has been boiling inside me over the last 24 hours and I decided to write about it. Sarah wrote an article here. I would recommend you read it first before you read on here but basically Sarah believes… “…self-hatred as the real […]

3 projects using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan


I was looking around on Pinterest for some new projects I could do using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. I have a huge collection of paints and today I felt like whipping up a little project. I got lost on Pinterest looking around because there are so many cool projects! I thought I’d share 3 […]

Floor Plan Friday: Modern twist on a family home


Here’s a nice floor plan for a normal residential block. What I immediately liked is the multipurpose room. It’s an office and lounge area which has bi-fold windows opening on to the alfresco. I also really like the front verandah. You can see that below in the front elevation photo. That’s a nice look and […]

We love cricket


Summer is well and truly here at our place. I know this because we’ve all gone cricket mad. Actually I think we’re loving cricket this year more than we love footy (did I just say that!?). My husband is coaching the under 13s team this year and he’s loving it! I think he’s reliving his […]

Around here lately…


I’ve been a little unsettled lately. I haven’t had enough to do, I think. I have been wandering too much. So, I have been purging the cupboards a little bit (as I always do!). And taking photos of every corner of my home… haha hence the overwhelming amount of photos on Instagram lately! But I […]

How to: Freshen your towels


Don’t you hate it when your towels just don’t smell fresh? It’s not usually until you start to dry yourself when you realise they need re-washing! Maybe you want to freshen up some old towels, or you’d like to really kill any dirt/bacteria trapped in your towels? It’s easy peasy and here’s how… Instructions: If […]