My house 18 months ago and now…

It's no secret that I did love building my house. It's always a work in progress and I'll probably never think it's finished. I love tweaking and adding to it. It's not a massive home but I just love it... The front garden is something I've enjoyed watching. Over the last 18 months we've gradually added some hedges and roses and seeing them take shape has been fun. This was my house when it was ... [Read More...]


Taking Stock

Hi there! I mentioned the other day how easy it is to write a list on a day where you're not sure what to blog about and today I thought I'd use one of Pip's lists and see what I can come up with... It was harder than I ... [Read More...]


I just want to be…

A song came on yesterday which took my back to being 19 years old. It's funny how music reminds you of places/times/people/feelings... In that flash back to being 19 years old, for a moment, I wished I was back there. ... [Read More...]


All things mint

Yesterday I put the doona cover (no. 6) on Instagram and you were loving the colour mint, so today I thought I'd do a blog post called "All things mint!" Did you know you can get mint Converse shoes, but not in ... [Read More...]


Home is a feeling…

I found this little saying on Instagram the other night and I shared it over there. Lots of you loved it too. Mostly, I'd rather be at home than anywhere else in the world. I am a Cancerian, so I am very much a ... [Read More...]


New things in the world of design

Hi there! I get sent a lot of press releases on new products coming out and sometimes I'm not sure how to fit them all in to my blog - because of course I want to share all of these goodies with you! So today I thought ... [Read More...]


Around here lately

Last week was a busy one. This week I am looking forward to sitting in my pj's until lunch time and stalking people on the internet ;) At the start of last week I had a sleep over at Amie's new house. She's just ... [Read More...]