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I’m a mum to 3 wild boys, a lover of pretty things & addicted to Instagram. My blog is about sharing pieces of my life & capturing moments as they happen. I write about interior design and share DIY projects with you. I also design blogs & websites.

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Around here lately


A weekly catch up and a photo dump on what's been happening around here lately. Come and check it out...

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Floor plan Friday

Floor Plan Friday: The Master Wing

Hello! It’s the weekly edition of Floor Plan Friday and today I have this large family home to show you. I am loving the master ‘wing’. Yes, extravagant, but just perfect! I could shove my boys down the back of the house and never leave the master bedroom and my own verandah. Drool…. I also like the kitchen servery. See my post earlier today about bi-fold kitchen windows? How perfect was the timing! I know not everyone will like that laundry idea though. I don’t like the ensuite toilet as a powder room though. I’d say yes yes yes to the back half of the house. Teenagers and smelly boys down there please with their own activity (think pool room,…

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Bi-fold Kitchen Windows

If you’re building a new house or starting a renovation why not think about incorporating a bi-fold window in to your kitchen? It makes such a statement and really integrates that outdoor/indoor living. Maybe you don’t have space for big sliding doors, but can use a window space? This would be perfect then! I’ve found some photos from around the web to get you inspired… [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] I will take all of these please! 😉 Aren’t they great? I could see my boys standing outside and me serving them like I’m in a cafe haha. Do you have a bi-fold kitchen servery area? Or are you thinking of adding one? I’d love to…

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teal-2 (1)
Bedroom, Interior Design Love

How to decorate your bedroom using teal

Hi there, thanks for popping in! Today I have a post contributed by Temple & Webster on how to decorate your bedroom using teal. It's a hot new colour for the Winter and it's gorgeous... Temple & Webster, Head of Styling Jessica Bellef explores one of this season’s hot colours, teal, and how to use it to create a luxe bedroom look. “We’re finally turning to colour after so many years of Scandi minimalism. Teal is coming through in the trend for planetary colours. Dramatic and rich, teal is also lush and calming enough for a bedroom with its echoes of ocean and jungle,” said Jess. Layer luxe textures Teal is a rich tone that envelopes you without overwhelming. Echo...Continue reading
Reno Rumble, TV Shows

Reno Rumble: Grand Final!

And just like that Reno Rumble is over and done for another season. Last night was the Grand Final and it was Steve & Nadia against Lisa & John. A LOT of work was done by the two couples and I really love the house they produced. Check out the photos below with judges comments. The WINNER is revealed too... The communal areas this week... Outdoors Master Bedroom Tara’s bedroom (John and Lisa) Colin loved the way John and Lisa featured the dreamcatchers in Tara’s bedroom and felt they added great texture to the room. Justin thought the bedroom was confident space and well put together with good detailing and storage, as well as a colour scheme that really worked. While...Continue reading
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We’re going GoPro mad!

Brought to you by Officeworks. People are becoming increasingly busy in their day-to-day lives and as a result, hobbies and other more fulfilling activities are often neglected. Officeworks asked me to think about something I’d like to achieve more of… to think about something I’d rather be doing and to kick my unproductive behaviour to make the most of my downtime. In order to help me achieve a better standard of living through a healthy, balanced life, Officeworks have engaged Dr. Timothy Sharp, Chief Happiness Officer at the Happiness Institute, to provide an easy to follow three week plan to help me break bad habits and use my time in a more fulfilling way. Week one of the three week challenge is designed…

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Reno Rumble, TV Shows

Reno Rumble: Reveal 4

This week on Reno Rumble we saw Debbie's whole house get a full renovation. The reveals were split over 2 nights (one half was last week), but I thought I'd blog the entire one all together. Check out the rooms below... The communal room this week was the hallway... Office (Dane and Leanne) Colin thought that the wallpaper choice was commanding because of the single bold repeated print. The judges loved the desk and choice of different chairs. They felt the shelving around the door was practical but the colour and finish of it let the overall tone of the room down. Colin’s score: 8/10                           Justin’s score: 8/10                          Total: 16/20       Bathroom Upon walking into the bathroom, the judges thought it...Continue reading
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Styling: Botanical Trend

The colour green is always a favourite in homes, and styling is easy when you add a simple plant to a room. “Bringing the outdoors in” is still popular and I am a huge fan of the botanical trend. Today I have some pretty images of homes which use plants/prints/greenery to liven up their spaces. Plus below I have some shopping ideas for you… [source] [source] [source] [source] … Shop for some botanical goodies online… 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 How dramatic is the black Peony Print?! Oooo lala. I also love the simple cactus print (number 11) and the cushion…

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Stunning Sunday

Stunning Sunday: Spectacular Warehouse Conversion For Sale In Melbourne

Hello! Today I am sharing this spectacular warehouse conversion which is currently for sale in Manton Lane, Melbourne. I am a sucker for a warehouse or a weatherboard, so I had to choose this one to show you today. The open plan and raked ceilings are a treat! The inspired architectural conversion of a quadruple brick former wool-store has resulted in a breathtaking, unique boutique residence that combines rustic 1880’s character with the latest contemporary designer style and luxury. In a quiet laneway close to Flagstaff Gardens and station, a myriad of restaurants and cafes and Victoria Market, it offers the ultimate inner city experience. – Agent. Check out the photos… It’s gorgeous and warm, plus what about that view! Oh…

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A day in my life

Around here lately…

School holidays. Need I say more. What a long week that was! My boys don’t go back to school until next Thursday though, so we still have a few days to get through. Lucky they have footy games today and tomorrow to keep them busy! I’ve done a road trip to Albury with the boys too… My sister has been in labour twice in the last week (33 weeks and then at 34 weeks!). Too early! I’ve been sleeping with one eye open because she lives in Albury and I need to get there for the birth! She’s home from hospital and baby is still snuggling for now. She’s exhausted as you can imagine. A couple more weeks would be good…

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Feeling better about things…

In my house lately, we’ve been (well it’s usually me!) coming up with new ways to feel better about “things”. Nothing in particular, just feeling better about life, and activities, and our health and our positivity. I started following Sarah Prout very closely a few months ago. I knew of Sarah a few years ago, but something must have popped up in my twitter which drew me to her more so. I have always been a big believer in manifestation, but she writes a lot more about vibrations and feelings. So I read and read and read… then started following her tips and writing things down. My boys roll their eyes a little when I start talking about “vibrations”, but they’ve…

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