Floor plan Friday

Floor Plan Friday: Private & Practical Using Pods

A lovely reader sent me this floor plan last week after I mentioned it’s getting harder and harder to find different plans. I feel like I’ve seen them all. I am so glad this one came through so I can share it with you all. It’s a beauty… The plan came from here. The Bond design is one of our most intriguing to date. With the use of angles and pod like spaces, we’ve been able to design this home to make it feel bigger than its actual footprint. The Bond showcases private and practical space for the entire family….

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A day in my life

Afternoon walks

Yesterday when I got home I announced we all should go for a walk up in to the hills. We’re lucky we live in such a great town where “hills” are just at the top of my street. I don’t go anywhere near there in Summer (snakes!), but we always walk around there in the Winter. My big boy hasn’t been feeling great (with anxiety! And one day when I am brave enough I’ll write all about it…) so he was home from school and when I left yesterday morning I’d put a list of jobs on the whiteboard in my…

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DIY/How to

DIY painted wall art

Some people will say a big no-no to “homemade art”. But not me. I think if you’re creative, got a good eye and willing to give art a go, then why not?! Not everyone can afford hundreds of dollars for a piece of art for every wall in their home. But, you might be able to mix some of your own in with some purchased goods. I have painted a few bits of canvas here and there and I think they’ve been pretty ok. Not fancy enough to start my own studio or anything (haha), but they have suited the…

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Decorative, Top Shopping Picks

9 dining chairs to love

I’d love a new dining table and chairs, but I haven’t fallen in love with anything I like. I always thought I’d choose some wishbone chairs, but there are so many other cool ones to pick from and it’s confusing! Today I thought I’d share 9 dining chairs you can buy online and have delivered straight to your door. I recently purchased number 4 for a display home and they are fantastic. Not uncomfortable, look great and make the space look bigger. But for my house I wouldn’t choose a black. I’d go with a light timber colour. I do also like number 8…

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Stunning Sunday

Stunning Sunday: Oasis for sale at Noosa Heads, QLD

Hello! If you’re new to my Stunning Sunday posts this is a day where I spend far too long look at current real estate online and then I find something awesome to share with you. It’s like a house tour, but it’s currently for sale and you can buy it! I try to find something magnificent, trendy, spacious and a bit different. Today is no exception. This home stopped me as soon as I saw it pop up. It’s like a house boat on the river. The home is currently for sale at Noosa Heads, QLD and it’s pretty cool…….

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Decorative, Home Tips, Interior Design Love

Decorating with white

Feel like a bit of Winter White Decorating? It may be freezing out there, but that doesn’t mean your decorating has to be dark and moody to suit the cold weather. What about these photos below to inspire you by using whites to warm up your space? White rooms are becoming very popular and aren’t just reserved for the minimalist decorator. By using different tones and textures you can still have a white room which isn’t clinical. Check these out… [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] I don’t know which is my favourite room. I love them all! Those…

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Floor plan Friday

Floor Plan Friday: 5 bedroom, luxury with wings

Hi there! I know this plan is a little over the top today but in my search for a floor plan I feel like I’ve seen just about every plan known to man on the internet. I wanted something different today and while I know this house needs a hefty budget we can all dream can’t we?? I would be in heaven if this was my house! You need to click over to the builder here and see all of the finished photos because just looking at the plan here doesn’t even explain how awesome this house is. You’d need a…

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A day in my life, Crohn's Disease

Taking care of everyone also means taking care of you

Since my last bout of illness about 3 months ago (and 2 separate sleepovers in hospital) I have made some subtle changes to what I eat and how I take care of myself. It’s not anything major, just small changes, but yesterday I realised how much it has helped me. I have a little friend who is very ill in Melbourne hospital with Crohn’s at the moment and we were texting last night. She was telling me how she needs to take better care of herself and not feel bad about putting herself first. I couldn’t agree more. When I was sick a…

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Paint a black wall in the bedroom!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. I went looking for black and white bedrooms, and found a lot of gorgeous rooms showcasing a black painted wall. It’s hard to have a room entirely black and white without it looking like a zebra, but with just a painted backdrop you can transform your room in to a stunning and dramatic showstopper. Black has been a feature in interior design for years and years…. couches, desks, accessories. Paint is such an easy way to incorporate black in to your home. It’s inexpensive and doesn’t take long to change it back if…

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Decorative, Walls

Trending: Horse Prints

I don't own a horse nor do I have much to do with them, but I am smitten with this horse print trend. My sister owns a horse plus she has the big Lone Mustang print (below 6th shopping link) and it's amazing! Beautiful real photography (especially in the black and white) is really making a statement in homes. I have seen them pop up in my Instagram feed lots this year. Here are some cool ideas if you're thinking of adding one to your home... [source] [pin] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] Below are some links to where you can purchase...Continue reading